Hargassner - heating technology of the future

Extensive know-how, almost 40 years of experience and a great feel for environmentally friendly heating and renewable energy: all this is evident in Hargassner's innovative biomass heating systems.

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Pellet Boiler

Pellet boilers for
every requirement

Hargassner pellet boiler are enormously energy-saving, powerful and versatile - for every need.

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Nano-PK 6–15 Pelletheizung Hargassner
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Wood Log Boiler

wood log gasifier technology

Hargassner wood log boiler combine first-class efficiency with the lowest emission values.

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner
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Wood Chip Boiler

Innovative and affordable
heating with wood chips

Modern wood chip heating systems from Hargassner combine comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner

Combi Boiler

Combines the best of
wood logs and pellets

Unique comfort and maximum efficiency with
two separate heating systems.

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Kombiheizung Stückholz Neo-HV und Pellet Nano-PK | Hargassner

Solar Panels

Solar panels -
Use the power of the sun

Saving energy & costs starts on the roof.
Combine biomass heating with solar & profit.

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Solarkollektor TS 300 | Ansicht mit Schnitt Innenleben | Hargassner
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Industrial Boiler

Highest efficiency for
industry & trade

Sustainable solution for industrial heating needs.

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Industrieheizung Magno-SR Front ohne Anbauteile

Heating modules -
Practical, affordable & versatile

With Eco-Box, Heating module & Powerbox
you can heat everything.

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    Austrian quality / Pioneer of biomass heating /

    CO2 neutral and sustainable for our future


    Modern and highly efficient heating systems for the UK

    HARGASSNER offers solutions for private households, for agriculture & forestry, for trade & industry, for catering & hotels as well as for public buildings in the UK.

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