Heating efficiently with wood logs

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Wood log heating in the UK

Wood logs: the classic type of fuel

Cheap, local and sustainable: It is not for nothing that wood logs have long been regarded as the classic fuel. Thanks to its many advantages and efficient biomass heating systems, heating with wood logs is now more popular than ever – also in the UK.

To ensure good combustion and high efficiency, the logs should be dried for at least 2 years. The logs (mainly in 1 metre pieces) should be stored in a sunny place – stacked. The wood comes from domestic forests, the price is constantly low and modern wood log boilers are characterised by high technology and first-class efficiency.

The advantages of wood logs at a glance:

  • Wood is a domestic, renewable and ecological source of energy.
  • The price is consistently low because it is entirely derived from domestic forests.
  • Excellent fuel values if dried and stored correctly
  • The production of wood logs requires little labour, thanks to a high degree of automation.
  • Efficient wood log boilers that provide low-emission, energy-saving and comfortable heating.

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Wood Log Boiler

wood log gasifier technology

Hargassner wood log boiler combine first-class efficiency with the lowest emission values.

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner
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Wood Log Boiler

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Reference customers of the boiler manufacturer Hargassner in Austria.

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Special tip:

Wood should be air-dried for at least two years to ensure maximum efficiency and good combustion. If you store the logs in your basement, make sure that the room is well ventilated so that the wood can continue to dry.

Did you know?

Firewood is the classic biomass fuel. It is very popular because of its consistently low price. Even the ash, in small quantities, can be used as fertiliser and returned to the natural cycle.

Biomass wood log – a real all-rounder!

Everyone is still talking about heating with logs.

Wood log boiler

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