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Heating with wood in the UK

CO₂-neutral heating with wood

Heating with biomass – such as wood – is a clean and sustainable thing to do, because every minute the forest area in Europe increases by the size of a football field. With energy-efficient biomass heating systems from Hargassner, you are betting on the future and taking care of the environment at the same time.

Wood is the only fuel that burns CO₂-neutrally. This is particularly important because CO₂ is considered one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect. CO₂-neutral heating means that when heating with wood, only the amount of CO₂ is released that the tree absorbed during its growth. State-of-the-art technologies ensure complete and clean combustion.

Wood heating systems as a cost-efficient and reliable heat source of the future

Heating with wood adds value to the region

The advantages of heating with wood are clear:

  • CO₂-neutral: No additional trees have to be chopped down for your wood chip boiler or pellet boiler, no additional amounts of CO₂ are released.
  • Utilisation of residual wood: Only residual wood from the forestry and sawmill industry is used to produce wood chips and pellets.
  • Security of supply: Wood is a domestic energy source and can be sourced locally.
  • Price & costs: The prices for wood chips and pellets are low compared to fossil fuels such as gas/oil.
  • Domestic energy: Wood pellets are produced regionally and thus create domestic jobs in the UK.

Heating with wood

What you should consider:

Residual wood utilisation

No tree has to be chopped down for your wood chip or pellet heating system. Only residual wood from the forestry and sawmill industry is used for the production of wood chips and only wood shavings and sawdust is used for wood pellets.

Security of supply

Another advantage of biomass is the absolute security of supply. Compared to oil and gas, wood is a domestic energy source and can therefore be sourced locally. Oil crisis or supply stop for gas? No longer a problem!

Price / Costs

Enormous price increases and incalculable risks characterise heating with gas/oil. In comparison, heating with wood from one’s own region or perhaps even from one’s own forest is much safer.

Domestic energy

Heating with wood chips, wood logs and pellets not only offers advantages for the environment and clear economic benefits for you, but also a future-proof market for local companies. Wood pellets are produced from the residues of the wood-processing industry and thus create domestic jobs. Wood chips can be produced with a chipper or purchased regionally from a trusted farmer or forestry company. Wood logs are particularly interesting for those who have their own forest, or who buy easily and cheaply from suppliers in their own country. What all three fuels have in common: Regional production secures jobs and strengthens the local economy.

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Expert advice:

Did you know that replacing an old solid fuel heating system with a new biomass heating system reduces fine dust by up to 90%? The advanced combustion technology of Hargassner biomass heating systems ensures the lowest emission values.

The positive properties of wood

The Power of Wood