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In 2018 GILLES / HARGASSNER established the subsidiary Hargassner Biomass Heating Ltd in Hereford (GB) to provide the best service direct from the manufacturer to our numerous clients in the UK. With our local employees we can implement projects for all needs. Our factory trained engineers work everyday with our own brands ensuring the best service you can get. Apart from this we keep the most critical original spare parts in our warehouse and the engineers’ vans for our clients. Hargassner has pioneered eco-friendly biomass heating systems since the company was established in 1984. This pioneering spirit remains unabated and our aim to be on top still persists to this day.

Our vision is harmony between satisfied customers and the environment.

Markus and Anton Hargassner

Austrian quality / Pioneer of biomass heating /

CO2 neutral and sustainable for our future


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