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Optimum storage & transport
of wood chips & pellets

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Storage & transport system

The perfect individual wood chip or pellets storage solution for every need.

Every heating project has different spatial conditions that need to be taken into account when planning fuel delivery and storage. Regardless of how complex the storage system may appear at first glance, Hargassner has the optimum solution for wood chips and pellets for every situation on site. According to the motto “MAKE IT WORK” we and our partners will always find the perfect answer for our UK customers. Together with you, we perfectly match the system to your requirements as well as to your biomass heating system.

Wood Chip Storage Systems

Raumaustragung - Gewebetank GWT MAX & GWTS XXL

Pellets Storage Systems

The right boiler for every power requirement.

Your new heating system
in just a few steps

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