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Compelling benefits
of biomass heating

Embracing the Future with Confidence

Biomass: The perfect choice!

There are numerous benefits to biomass heating. Locally sourced wood from sustainable forestry preserves and maintains local ecosystems, secures future supplies and protects our planet – because wood is a renewable and carbon-neutral fuel. This is good not only for our future, but also for our wallets.

Oil out – pellets in! A new pellet boiler will pay itself off in no time!

Heat instead of burning money

  • Biomass – always cheaper than oil & gas


Fine dust: The facts speak for themselves

  • Our technology:
    Reduces fine dust to a minimum.
  • Flue gas cleaning:
    Fine dust are barely detectable.


CO₂ Neutral & Renewable

  • CO₂ neutral: Combustion produces the same amount of CO₂ as natural decomposition.
  • Sustainable: More wood grows back each year than is used. Forestry is subject to strict regulations.
  • Utilisation: Wood chips and pellets are made from residual wood.
  • Security of supply: Independent and regional

Oil out - pellets in!

Savings &

Your new pellet boiler will have paid for
itself in in no time!

Switch to biomass - save money and the environment today!