Wood chip refuelling systems

Outside ejector

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Vertical refuelling system

With ejector outside

The automatic wood chip refuelling system, vertical (outside), ensures optimum refilling of storage room situations.

In addition to the option of an inside ejector, Hargassner also has a self-developed external ejector in its wide range of heating accessories for the UK market. A vertical auger with shaft transports the wood chips upwards on the outside of the building. The storage room is filled through a wall opening (e.g. window, must be at least 65 cm in width and 30 cm in height).

The adjustable ejector is particularly suitable for situations where an inside installation is not possible, as is the case with round silos and ground-level rooms with low ceilings (no space lost because of the motor height), for example.


Befenfits vertical filling system

Conventional filling

Ordinary filling of wood chip storage rooms has the disadvantage that, depending on the structural conditions, the utilisation of the storage area is limited. Dust and dirt are also an annoying companion.

Vertical wood chip filling system from Hargassner

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