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Nano-WS hot water storage tank

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Water storages

Hot water storage tank for Nano-PK
Nano-WS 210

This Hargassner hot water storage tank is distinguished by its perfectly dimensioned heating surfaces and was specifically designed for use in combination with the Nano–PK 6-15 kW and Nano–PK Plus 6-15 kW pellet boilers.

The suitable design and the short assembly time makes it unique on the worldwide and UK market. Thanks to the hydraulic connection set available as an accessory, it can be installed and commissioned very quickly. It’s short heat up time and  continuously high output are also impressive.

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Technical Data

Type Nano-WS 210
Contents Litre 210
Heat surface 0,71
Dimensions WxDxH (Height panel) mm 580 x 580 x 1350 (1600)
Installation space Nano-PK + Nano WS-210 0,79
Weight kg 76
Hot water, cold water and circulation connections inches 3/4″
Heating FL, RL inches 3/4″
Blind flange mm 150/185
Continuous output
TKW=10 °C, THW=45 °C, THV=80 °C/15 kW
l/h 360
Power output NL l/h 3,2