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The benefits of combining solar with pellets

Solar collectors combined with pellet boilers

Modern pellet heating systems are highly efficient and cost-saving. Compared to the past, you can save between 15-40 % on heating costs with a new heating system, depending on what you previously used for heating – oil, gas or old wood boilers. The fuel and fuel cost savings are even greater if you combine your new pellet boiler with a solar heating system. In this article we explain how you can easily convert your heating system and save on costs.

Combining pellet boiler with a solar thermal system

As mentioned at the beginning, you can easily combine your pellet heating system with a solar thermal system – this has several advantages.

In a typical single-family home, a solar thermal system of 4 to 6 m2 generates enough solar heat in the summer months to cover the domestic hot water demand on average over the year. This means that the pellet heating system in the single-family house does not have to provide additional heating in the summer. This in turn means a longer service life for the wood-fired central heating system. In the cooler months, the heating starts automatically, thanks to the latest software. By heating water, a coverage of up to 60% can be achieved, which in turn significantly reduces heating costs and the consumption of pellets.

In order to be able to store the heat generated by the solar thermal system, a storage system (e.g. buffer tank, hot water tank) is required, which either

  • either stores it as domestic hot water
  • or heats both domestic water and heating water.

Solar collectors designed for domestic hot water and heating water preparation require more surface area, on average approx. 8 to 10 m². This achieves a heating support of approx. 20 to 30%, which generates a saving of between one fifth and one third of the current heating costs.


TIP: The optimally dimensioned storage tank is therefore absolutely necessary, because the heat is generated during the day with the solar system, which does not always coincide with the consumption in the house, as the heat demand is often greatest in the morning or evening.

A pellet heating system or optionally a pellet condensing heating system can be conveniently combined with both solar collectors and a buffer or boiler system. Pipework and connections match perfectly and can be installed in perfect harmony.


Further advantages of combining pellet heating and solar systems

We are talking here about 2 renewable energy sources, biomass and solar energy, which are both environmentally friendly and regional. By using them, a further step is taken towards CO2-neutral heating and ‘independence from fossil fuels’.

Another advantage is the low running costs of solar thermal and biomass heating.

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