Industrial heating system Magno

Upholstery manufacturer:
Biomass instead of gas

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Industrieheizung Magno-SR Front ohne Anbauteile

Industrial boiler Magno

Biomass instead of gas for upholstery manufacturer

Watch the video to find out more about Hargassner’s industrial boilers, for the highest heat demands and continuous heavy-duty operation, which quickly pay for themselves thanks to the low-cost fuel from production residues.


The requirements of our customer were great, as was the solution presented by Hargassner Industry. In the course of the project planning, it was decided to install a Magno-SR with 2 MW output. So far the only giant of its kind in Austria. As far as the fuel supply system incl. silo was concerned, the old system was to be retained as far as possible; only the safety technology had to be brought up to date. The construction of an additional foundation exacerbated the already difficult space situation, which required accurate and precise work during assembly: the boiler was lifted over the roof into the existing hall with a 150 t crane and had to be pushed far under an existing metal scaffolding with a precise fit by means of a chain hoist on three metre metal rollers.


A major benefit for the upholstery manufacturer is that the production waste from its own manufacturing can be used as fuel. This saves enormous amounts of CO2, as the Hargassner Magno-SR 2000 largely replaces the existing 3,000 kW gas boiler – an important step towards climate protection & sustainability.