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The compact heating and storage solution for the UK

The Eco-Box is a special version of the single-floor heating module with storage facility. Whether you use your heating centre as a storage room for garden tools, garden accessories, sports equipment, car accessories, workshop or other storage space, one thing is certain: the word "space" takes on a new meaning at sensational value for money. And all this in a temperature-controlled environment with up to 17 m² of extra storage space. Ideal for new buildings or renovations without a cellar.

Eco-Box for pellets

The ideal solution for new buildings without a cellar

Equipped with a fabric tank as a pellet storage container, the Eco-Box remains maximally free inside, which brings space for up to 17 m² of extra storage space in the container. A sheet steel door creates a large access with a flick of the wrist.

  • For 4–8 t pellets
  • Pellet boilers from 6 to 40 kW
  • Ideal for new buildings or renovations without a cellar
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Eco-Box for wood logs

External footprint included

You can access your Eco-Box quickly and flexibly via the practical roller shutter. The Hargassner wood log boiler and heating technology is located there. With up to 17 m² of extra storage space, you have enough room for your log storage.

  • Up to 17 m² extra space
  • Wood log boilers from 20 to 60 kW
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Technical data Eco-Box:

Eco-Box 550 Eco-Box 600 Eco-Box 700 Eco-Box 750
Length 550 cm 600 cm 700 cm 750 cm
Width 298 cm 298 cm 298 cm 298 cm
Height outside 271 cm 271 cm 271 cm 271 cm
Height inside 232 cm 232 cm 232 cm 232 cm
Weight ca. 15 t ca. 16,5 t ca. 18,5 t ca. 20 t

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Everything included in the set

Armoured concrete walls REI 90 (F 90), roof covering with drain tubes, reinforced floor 10 t, wall thickness approx. 10 cm, inside walls and ceiling with emulsion coating,  exterior walls coated in white spray render, grains 2-3 mm in size, wall thickness approx. 10 cm, slots for chimney, extraction auger, district-heating tubes,  pellet fill sockets, ventilation, etc. are included

Transport & installation

Fast & cost-effective

The Eco-Box is delivered by a single special vehicle and is quickly unloaded, which also does not require a mobile crane. That saves time and money!

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