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Single and double deck modules for the UK market

Heating modules: outsourcing with a system

You don’t have the appropriate space for a biomass heating system? No problem, heating containers with boiler and integrated storage room from Hargassner are the advantageous option.

This ideal and cost-effective combination of external boiler and storage room comes as a system construction as single / double container or as multiple heating module. Hargassner heating modules allow individual lengths, widths, heights and, of course, different power outputs. This is why they are suitable for all kind of application areas: From detached and semi-detached-houses, public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings to local heating. Heating modules also shine with a sensational price-performance ratio.

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Heating modules

Modular heating solutions

Hargassner heating modules can be dimensioned to suit any type of building.

The exterior can be designed as you wish: Whether plain in the standard version with a metal wall or clad to match the design of the building. Containers are available as single and double deck version, according to requirements.

Single-floor heating module

Double-floor heating module

Single-floor heating module

  • 9–19 t pellets
  • 20–32 m³ wood chips
  • Pellet boilers 40–200 kW
  • Wood chip boilers 20–120 kW
Technical details - Single-floor heating module
Type BC 400 BC 500 BC 600 BC 700 BC 800 BC 900
Length x Width cm 400 x 300 500 x 300 600 x 300 700 x 300 800 x 300 900 x 300
Outside height cm 265 265 265 265 265 265
Height inside cm 228 228 228 228 228 228
Weight t ca. 17 ca. 20 ca. 25 ca. 30 ca. 33 ca. 35

Double-floor heating module

  • 18–29 t pellets
  • 60–80 m³ wood chips
  • Pellet biolers 140–660 kW
  • wood chip boilers 70–200 kW
Technical details - Double-floor heating module
Type BC 600 Doppelstock
Length x Width cm 600 x 300
Outside height cm Ground container / cover frame 290/250
Height inside cm Ground container / cover frame 257/233
Weight t Ground container / cover frame ca. 23/ca. 16

Multiple heating module

  • 80–160 m³ wood chips
  • Wood chip boilers 140–1.000 kW

At Hargassner you will find heating modules in different design variants.

Hargassner heating modules

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