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Particle seperator – OekoRona 300

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Electrostatic filter for fine dust reduction

OekoRona 300

The particle separator for Hargassner biomass heating systems on the UK market
in the output range from 250–2,500 kW.

Particularly important for very fine heating material (carpentry material, miscanthus, etc.) and recommended for requirements from planners, tenders or authorities.

The OekoRona 300 fine dust filter first streamlines the flue gases from the boiler, before they flow through stainless steel pipes in which both electrostatic charging and particle separation take place. Then the cleaned flue gases enter the chimney. The degree of separation (80–90 %) depends on the fuel as well as the operating condition of the furnace. The cleaning of the electrodes and the separation surfaces is carried out automatically by means of a shaking mechanism (dry cleaning). The dust falls into a collection container during the cleaning process.

Suitable particle seperator for following heating systems

Type Eco-PK
Magno UF
Magno VR
Magno SR
OekoRona 300

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