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Fuel extraction system with point suction

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Extraction RAPS

Pellet Point Suction -
ideal for all room shapes

No matter whether small, square or complexly cut storage rooms, a point extraction system (RAPS) works everywhere.

One or more flexible extraction points suck the pellets out of the storage room. For this purpose, sloping floors made of wooden boards with a 35 degree slope are installed beforehand. They guarantee good emptying  towards the extraction points. If an area of the storage room is empty, the system switches manually or automatically to another extraction point. The changeover units (AUP) are available in 2-, 3-, 4- or 8-fold versions.
They can even be used in small rooms without a sloping floor.

Point suction system

The point suction system is used for smaller and quadratic storage rooms. The RAPS point suction unit is placed in the middle of the storage room to empty the storage room in the best possible way.

Point suction with automatic changeover unit AUP

For larger rooms, more point suctions systems can be installed in combination with a manual or automatic
changeover unit.

  • Up to 3 point suctions can be combined with the UE manual changeover box.
  • With the AUP automatic changeover unit, you can place up to 8 points in the room. This is a perfect solution for large storage rooms with sloping floors or small storage rooms without sloping floors.

The advantage for the customer is optimal emptying of the storage room, regardless of whether it is a large or complex room situation.

Storage room preparation

Depending on the size and shape of the room or the selection of the quantity of point suction units, the storage room must be structurally prepared accordingly.

  • 35° sloping wooden floor
    The storage room is provided with a 35° flat wooden floor on at least two sides. This guarantees trouble-free pellet transport and ensures good emptying of the storage room.
  • Storage room without sloping floor
    With the use of multiple changeover units (AUP), you can even work in small rooms without a sloping floor.