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Boiler control & touch display

Hargassner Smart-Touch

The Hargassner Smart-Touch is characterised by its clear structure and simple operation.

It is complemented by extra capacity for up to three mixed heat circuits and hot-water production, provided in the form of an additional board or module. An interface for combi operation of a pellet boiler with a Hargassner wood  log boiler has also been integrated. This makes the new Smart-Touch control a perfectly tailored solution for the entire boiler system.

It is a component of the following Hargassner biomass boiler types for the UK market:

Pellets: Smart-PK 17–32

Wood log: Smart-HV–23

Combi-boiler: Smart-HV & Smart-PK / Smart-HV& Nano-PK

Example of a day heating sequence with reduction logic

Heating period 1

06:00 – 09:00: Outside it is -7°C, well below the defined threshold of +16°C. The heating switches on.

Day reduction period

09:00 – 15:00: Outside, the temperature rises to -1°C, which is below the day reduction threshold of +8°C. The heating switches on in day reduction mode.

Heating period 2

15:00 – 22:00: The outside temperature rises to +1°C, which is considerably lower than the threshold of +16°C. The heating remains on.

Night reduction period

22:00 – 06:00: The temperature cools down to -2°C, which is above the night reduction threshold of -5°C. The heating switches off.

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