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HARGASSNER – MAGNO for the highest heating requirements

CO2-neutral and energy-efficient heating of larger buildings and all that automatically?

The Hargassner industrial boilers of the “MAGNO” series including accessories make it possible.

Thanks to its broad product portfolio of pellet, wood chip and log wood heating systems and its many years of experience on the market, Hargassner is a professional full-service provider when it comes to planning and implementing industrial biomass heating systems. Short distances and fast implementation included.


Firing chamber models for different fuels

State-of-the-art wood chip heating technology

Various systems, such as the UF underfeed firing technology, VR forward grate firing technology and SR step grate firing technology, allow wood chips of different qualities, pellets (UF only) and other biomass fuels to be burnt. In addition, a flue gas recirculation system is used. This makes the Hargassner MAGNO industrial boilers true all-rounders, from very dry to very moist fuel (approx. 60 % water content).

MAGNO – internationally acclaimed


The MAGNO received an innovation prize in Austria in 2022 for its outstanding performance in low-emission operation and maximum heat output. This industrial boiler, designed for continuous high-performance operation, is characterized by its exceptionally high-quality refractory concrete.


The robust construction, state-of-the-art combustion chambers, motor components, and control system are all designed to ensure long-term operational reliability and superior comfort. The modulating mode of operation and high efficiency contribute to excellent annual performance.


For all large output ranges

Hargassner’s versatile heating systems are well-suited for various applications, such as commercial and industrial enterprises, hotels, farms, public buildings, multi-purpose buildings, large-scale residential construction, local power plants for authorities, and microgrids for farmers. When connected in cascade, the Hargassner MAGNO industrial heating system can achieve up to 10 megawatts, which meets the heat demand of approximately 1000 households.


High residual moisture recyclable

Due to drought and beetle infestation, forests accumulate a significant amount of damaged wood, including residual wood that is not suitable for the construction or furniture industry. In some cases, there is a need to promptly utilize freshly chopped wood from the forest, even with high residual moisture. The MAGNO industrial boiler from Hargassner is designed to handle these scenarios.

Hargassner offers the VR-type MAGNO specifically for this application, where VR stands for “forward grate firing technology.” This technology enables the combustion chamber to pre-dry low-grade wood with up to 60% water content, optimizing combustion and achieving an efficiency of up to 93%, even with high water content.

Industrial plants can customize the MAGNO boiler from Hargassner to meet their specific requirements within the output range of 250 – 2,500 kW. By utilizing cost-effective wood chips, companies can quickly recover their investment in a biomass plant while achieving climate-neutral heating.