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MAGNO industrial boilers in a business


The Hargassner Power Packs are ideal for commercial and industrial enterprises, hotels, farms, public buildings, multi-purpose buildings, large residential buildings or for local heating power plants of municipalities and micro-grids of farmers. In cascade connection, the Hargassner MAGNO industrial heating system reaches up to 10 MW, which corresponds to the heat demand of approximately 1000 households.

Typical areas of application

Wood-processing companies - joineries and sawmills

Joineries are often traditional companies with existing heating systems. Again and again, the task of renovation arises with the challenges of climate protection. At the same time, there is a desire for more comfort, more heat output, and the possibility of being able to utilise the residual wood that accumulates in the company. For many entrepreneurs, it is also important to simply have less maintenance work, because outdated boilers sometimes must be cleaned every day.

In joineries, most of the wood that accumulates is well-dried. MAGNO boilers with under-feed firing technology are ideal when the fuel has only low and medium residual moisture (8 – 40 %). Depending on requirements, an entrepreneur can start very compactly with the Magno UF250 with 250 kW. High combustion temperatures enable the lowest fine dust values in the flue gas. The residual material from the joinery – which tends to have a high level of particulate matter – can be used ecologically and climate-neutrally as heat thanks to underfeed firing.

Agriculture and nurseries

Whether in farms for poultry housing or in large nurseries with glass houses. Both applications demand the highest reliability. To be able to dry feedstuffs such as maize and wood chips, Hargassner can also install an additional warm air module.

Glasshouse operators for fruit and vegetable cultivation with several hectares of under-glass area are increasingly reducing their dependence on fossil fuels by switching to sustainable biomass heating systems. Properly dimensioned accumulators guarantee the even release of heat. The advantage for nurseries is that seedlings protected under glass can thrive and grow from the end of January, and even in autumn the harvest period can be extended several weeks back into late autumn.

Animal husbandry

In animal husbandry, the top priority is to ensure the safety of the animals. The right temperature must be maintained constantly. In poultry rearing, for example, this is over 35 degrees Celsius. It is also extremely important to safeguard against power outages. For this reason, it makes sense to combine the Magno industrial heating system with a Hargassner CHP (combined heat and power) system and large buffer storage tanks on farms. The CHP provides 60 kW of thermal heat and 20 kW of electricity for ecological support of lighting and heating.

Cost savings on a grand scale

Hargassner’s advanced heating technology guarantees reliability for industrial operations through a high level of fail-safety and the best quality workmanship. In times of energy transition and rising energy prices, such powerful biomass boilers are an efficient solution to save operating costs quickly and permanently. Of particular interest to commercial operations is the fact that modern control systems can be optimally adapted to a company’s production processes.