Wood chip heating

ECO fuel extraction system

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Energy-saving and cost-cutting

ECO fuel extraction system - robust and reliable

Thanks to a low drive output of just 0.18 kW (0.30–0.38 kW for 70–330 kW boilers) and a robust, high-efficiency spur gear, the fuel extraction system saves a huge amount of energy and therefore lowers electricity costs. You can  save as much as 67% in electricity costs compared to those for conventional fuel extraction systems. With the excellent gear efficiency of over 90%, it clearly outperforms conventional worm gears. The new modular design ensures that the auger, along with its trough and removable cover, is easy to use.

ECO fuel extraction system

Cross section & specifics

1 – Bicameral rotary valve in Z-form
2 – Ball coupling
3 – Breaker box
4 – FE system extensions (modular design)
5 – Special spring blade layout
6 – Effective wood chip inlet bracket
7 – Extraction auger and shaft

8 – No-load disc
9 – Eco fuel extraction gear unit (spur gear)
10 – Stainless steel stoker auger (and pipe) with STM temperature monitoring
11 – Drive motor for the stoker auger and rotary valve
12 – Drive motor for the extraction auger and agitator
13 – Safety cover with a reverse function
14 – Floor agitator with spring blades

Worm gear

  • friction loss
  • low efficiency

Spur gear

  • low friction loss
  • high efficiency