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Save heating costs with sustainable heating

With these tips you can reduce your heating costs

  • Set the room temperature correctly: In the living room, a temperature of 20 ° or 21° is often sufficient, which corresponds to level 3 with conventional thermostats. In bedrooms or hallways, 16° Celsius is sufficient. Each degree less saves about 6% heating energy.
    TIP: Turning up the thermostats all the way does not make the room warm up faster, it just makes you heat more!
  • Vent radiators: Do you hear a gurgling sound coming from the radiator or is it no longer getting warm properly even though the thermostat is turned up full? Then you should urgently bleed the radiators. Every air bubble means unnecessary energy waste.
    TIP: If you have deflated a lot, please refill the water in the heating system.
  • Ventilate in winter: We recommend to ventilate several times a day for about 5-10 minutes. This way you create a good air exchange in the room. When tilting the windows, on the other hand, there is hardly any air exchange, but the surrounding walls cool down – and this favors mold. In any case, close the thermostatic valves during ventilation so that energy is not wasted unnecessarily.
  • Save hot water: Heating costs are not only incurred when heating directly, but also when producing hot water. Showering or bathing, in general the hot water production of a household, requires about 14% of the total energy consumption. In an average 3-person household, a low-flow showerhead can save about 37,800 liters of hot water per year and thus 2,550 kWh of energy consumption.
    TIP: Take a shower instead of a full bath! Here you save up to 70 liters per shower!

With an optimized way of heating, you not only save heating costs, but also reduce your CO₂ emissions at the same time. Have you ever thought about renewing your heating system, for example by means of a biomass heating system? This can also reduce your heating costs.

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