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The best alternatives to gas heating

Gas heating alternatives ensure an environmentally friendly future

So it’s time to think about future-proof alternatives to gas heating.

Tomorrow’s heating systems are more ecological, more comfortable and more efficient – and Hargassner’s are already today. We build sustainable boilers based on renewable raw materials that are a good alternative to conventional gas heating systems.

Is there a "best" alternative to gas heating?

Sustainability, cost efficiency, independence – there are many arguments in favour of a modern alternative to gas heating. But what is the best heating system to choose instead of gas? It should be noted that there are many efficient heating systems available today that can replace old oil and gas boilers.

As a result, it is difficult to determine the “best” alternative to gas heating. Every household has different needs and heating requirements, and local and structural conditions are different everywhere. From biomass heating to heat pumps and solar thermal energy, there are many ways to create a cosy, warm environment in winter.

Biomass: Regional & Climate Neutral

If you want to focus on regionality, heating with biomass, especially wood, is an excellent solution in two respects. Especially in Europe, which is rich in forests, wood heating offers the advantages of regionality and security of supply. Long transport routes for the energy source are eliminated, as is dependence on geopolitical unrest. In addition, Austrian boiler manufacturers offer high-quality products from domestic production.

What else is in favour of this alternative to gas heating? Wood is considered to be climate-neutral because when it is burned, only the CO₂ that was bound during the tree’s growth is released. Modern biomass boilers are also extremely energy efficient and make the most of the fuel.

Wood & sun as an alternative to gas heating

Pellet boilers

Not all wood is the same: this valuable raw material can be used efficiently for heating in a variety of ways. Pellet boilers are particularly attractive from an environmental and economic point of view. They usually use pressed wood pellets made from sawdust, a waste product from sawmills, as their energy source.

Heating with pellets as an alternative to gas promises high efficiency with low emissions, maximum flexibility and low and stable heating costs. Heating systems ranging from 6 kW to 330 kW are available for single family homes to large commercial premises. Hargassner’s intelligent storage systems also enable space-saving storage of the fuel.

Combi boiler

Modern Hargassner combi boilers combine the advantages of high quality pellet boilers with those of proven wood log heating systems. Optimised combustion processes and automated control units ensure maximum heating comfort. The different models are tailored to the needs and preferences of the customer.

The combination of wood logs and pellets makes it possible to react flexibly and at short notice to price changes on the market and to always heat cost-effectively.

Hybrid heating

Hybrid heating promises the best of two future-proof worlds. By combining different heating systems – such as pellets and solar energy – it offers maximum security of supply and independence from oil and gas.

While solar thermal offers the advantage of being the cleanest heating technology, its output is highly dependent on the weather and the time of year. By complementing a solar thermal system with a biomass heating system, you can also become independent in this respect and always heat with the ideal energy source.