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Wood – fuel for environmentally friendly heating

In order to achieve the climate targets in each country, it becomes essential to switch to heating by renewable energy. Environmentally friendly biomass heating can contri­bute to this. However, many people are not aware that wood energy accounts for 65 % of renewable energy in Germany’s heating market. With a share of 57 %, biomass is the most important renewable energy source in Austria and even reaches 85 % energy share in households for space heating and hot water.

Environmentally friendly heating with biomass heating systems

Wood – whether in the form of pellets, wood chips or logs – is a 100% regional fuel, created as a waste product from the sawmill industry or during wood processing.

The argument that ‘heating with wood‘ is responsible for deforestation can be easily debunked. In just one minute, the forest area in Europe grows by the size of a soccer field. Also the so important first afforestation of the forests can, by the constantly growing demand for biomass, be accomplished cost-covering. This results in stable, valuable and species-rich forest stands. This opens up completely new opportunities for many forest owners.

8 tons of CO₂ is saved by a new pellet heating system compared to three diesel vehicles. When wood is burned, only the amount of CO₂ is emitted that the tree previously absorbed during its growth. Therefore, heating with biomass can confidently be called CO₂-neutral.

Modern biomass heating systems with the highest efficiencies use less than half the fuel of old heating systems. Also the fine dust emissions could be reduced by more than 90 % and this with stable fuel prices in the last 20 years. Thus, every second person working in the field of renewable energies in Austria is currently active in the bioenergy sector.

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