Wood chip boiler

Gloucestershire Equestrian Centre relies on biomass

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Eco-HK 130-230 Hargassner

We have been really pleasantly surprised by the performance of the boiler, it has coped superbly with the high demand. We have an older Gilles biomass boiler that we expected to still run to meet the demand of the site, but the Hargassner Eco-HK has it all covered, and the secondary boiler has been relegated to back up. Not that it has been needed, the new Hargassner boiler has ran day in, day out with no issues since it was installed in 2022.

Customer Comment , Gloucestershire equestrian centre

    In the heart of Gloucestershire, the owners of this 150-acre equestrian centre want to turn the site into a truly self-sustaining estate. At the centre of this is the Hargassner Eco-HK 200 Kw biomass boiler that provides heating & hot water to a large range of buildings at a fraction of the emissions cost compared with Oil & LPG.

    The boiler is fuelled by wood grown in short cycle crop rotations on the estate itself, which creates local jobs in forestry and protects the customer from hikes in the price of oil & gas. Having complete control over the fuel supply gives the customer peace of mind about the wood being harvested ethically and emissions created through transportation.

    The site is a great example to follow for like-minded landowners wanting to lower their heating emissions and save money in the process.