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Eco-HK 250-330 Hargassner

Once a project like this is implemented, it’s great. We couldn’t imagine it any other way and I can’t recommend it enough.

Martin Mielinger , Contractor & farmer

    For quality reasons, crops for animal feed should be dried evenly, but this is associated with high energy costs. So when farmer Martin Mielinger from Weibern in Upper Austria decided to implement an animal welfare concept at his local piggeries and feeding farm, he switched to a CCM dry feeding concept with his own drying plant. To ensure economic viability, he also invested in a wood chip boiler for heat generation. Thanks to the large heat buffer tank and heat exchanger that supply the drying plant, fodder drying can be carried out so homogeneously.


    The heat source for the entire farm and the 9 x 10-metre drying plant is the Eco-HK 330 boiler from Hargassner. The accumulator tank of the heating system is dimensioned so large that an extension to a CHP system is easily possible in the future. The barn buildings are heated via the wood chip wall heating system, which ensures a constant room temperature of 30 °C.