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Heat circuit groups

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Heat circuit groups
HKG & HKGM 25/32

The heat circuit groups take over the heat distribution for the house.

There are pure pump groups HKG or “hot” groups for boiler loading or fans. The HKGM or heat circuit group mixers (mixed  groups) are suitable for floor heating or radiators.

They are available in sizes DN25 and DN32 and in versions with and  without mixer with servomotor.

  • HKG – heat circuit group 25 bzw. 32
  • HKGM – heat circuit grop with mixer 25 bzw. 32

Furthermore, there are two different distributors available for each dimension (DN25 / 32) for  two, three and four heat circuit groups. Installation is on the wall or directly on the accumulator using the accumulator mounting plate.

Your Benefits

Pump group for boiler or fan

Heat circuit group
HKG 25 & HKG 32

Flat-sealing connectors with a union nut for installation on Hargassner distributors. Large ball valve handles, easy operation,  clear closing position, all thermometers removable, with immersion sleeve integrated in the ball valve, Wilo heating circulation  pumps with high-efficiency technology (ECM technology) preassembled with 2 m cable, completely preassembled, integrated in  the insulation, pressure-tested, perfectly tailored system, design diagram, EuP/ErP READY pump can be fully shut off, no need to drain for service work.

Pump group with mixer
for floor heating or radiators

Heat circuit group
HKGM 25 & HKG 32

Hargassner mixer motor with connector, 1.6 m cable and attachment kit for screw mounting on the T-mixer with bypass for  FLH 0-50 %, suitable for right-hand flow, changeover switch for manual/automatic operation, electrical connection 230 V/50  Hz, torque 10 Nm.

EnEV-compliant functional insulation made of permanently elastic EPP, complete insulation of the fittings,  ventilation duct for cooling the pump. Free access to the pump head by simply pulling off the cover. Gravity brake can be  installed in return pipe, 200 mm water column, spring-loaded, therefore also suitable for horizontal or overhead installation.

Technical Data

Type HKG 25 HKGM 25 HKG 32 HKGM 32
Generator connection ET flat-sealing inches 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″
Consumer connection inches 1″ 1″ 2″ 2″
Nominal width inches DN 25 (1″) DN 25 (1″) DN 32 1 1/4″ DN 32 1 1/4″
Centre-to-centre distance mm 125 125 125 125
Installation length mm 340 340 340 340
Height x width x depth mm 340 x 250 x 180 340 x 250 x 180 400 x 250 x 190 400 x 250 x 190
Flow coefficient m³/h 6,3 5,0 15,1 7,5
Output kW at Δt = 20 K kW 40 35 65 50

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