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The costs of a pellet boiler

One-time and running costs of a pellet heating system

With a pellet heating you heat comfortably and efficiently in the field of renewable energy. If you compare the different variants of the heating systems, the question soon arises as to how much such a pellet heating system costs. In the following article, we would therefore like to provide you with a decision-making aid.

To give a general answer, the costs of a Hargassner pellet heating system (depending on the model) for a single-family house are in the low 5-digit price range. This price includes the heating system itself as well as the selected storage room solution, hot water preparation, installation and commissioning by your specialist company. Depending on the performance range of your heating system, the area to be heated, the condition of the building (new construction or renovation) and the effort required for conversion and installation, the costs will naturally vary.

One should not forget the currently extremely good subsidies for heating systems, which can significantly reduce the purchase costs.


Overview of our pellet boilers

Decision support for your suitable heating system

It’s not every day that you change your heating system, so the decision has to be well made and carefully considered. If you decide to buy a pellet heating system, on the one hand, of course, the purchase costs should be kept within reasonable limits, but on the other hand, you also want an effective heating system that helps you to reduce costs in the years of operation through inexpensive heating material and low maintenance.

Over the past decades, we have secured a firm place among the top sellers in the biomass heating segment. This is how the current pellet range developed from 6 kW up to 2 MW (as a cascade solution).

Comfort, efficiency, environmental friendliness: these are just a few of the characteristics that apply to Hargassner pellet heating systems. As with all our biomass heating systems, flexibility and a wide range of variants are also a top priority for the pellet heating systems: this is how we ensure that there is a suitable wood pellet heating system for every need.

Different pellet heating systems at different costs.

A design with an optimal price-performance ratio would be, for example, the Smart-PK. Among other things, this boiler is inexpensive due to the manual filling of the fuel pellets. A much more efficient and convenient version is the Nano-PK with fully automatic pellet feed, which is also available as a condensing boiler Nano-PK Plus with an efficiency maximisation.

Modern pellet heating systems are characterized by a small and compact design. Thus, the HARGASSNER Nano-PK requires just 0.45m² of space. The modern look, which sets it apart from the classic ‘basement heaters’, ensures that the wood pellet heating system can also be optimally installed in equipment rooms, niches or other rooms away from the basement.

Everything from a single source

However, all Hargassner pellet heating systems have one thing in common: With us, you not only get the heating system, but also the matching accessories such as buffer storage tanks, boilers, pump groups, solar collectors and much more – and all directly from a single source. A contact person for all heating-related questions makes it easier for you to switch to a wood pellet heating system.