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The costs of a wood log heating boiler: factors to consider

Whereas heating with wood used to be associated with dust and dirt and a lot of work, the new log heating systems represent a new level of heating and comfort. Among other things, the heat exchanger cleaning has been automated in the new boilers, and the ignition can also be optionally automated. The log boilers also no longer have to do without convenient operation via a touch display. The fully fireclayed high-performance combustion chamber, as well as the easy cleaning allow an efficient and comfortable operation of your biomass heating. The costs for a wood gasifier are in the 4 to low 5-digit range.

The solid fuel boiler - the modern log heating system

You can decide in advance whether you want to heat with ½ meter or 1 meter logs. Their field of application is mainly in private households. The purchase of a log heating system is cheaper compared to fully automatic biomass heating systems, such as pellet boilers or wood chip boilers.

The filling of the log boiler can be done manually. During the heating period, one should calculate with a daily refilling. The ignition can be done automatically, as mentioned above. For example, in the evening you add fuel and set the ignition for the early morning, so that when you get up, the house is already warm and cozy.

With our ½ meter log boiler, wood up to 600 mm in length can be burned.


The cost of heating with logs – inexpensive heating material.

Of course, do not be afraid of a certain amount of physical labor, as the production of the appropriate logs or even stacking the fuel. This in turn is crucial for the low cost of the heating material – environmentally friendly heating and CO₂ neutrality included!

Most wood heaters can burn logs with bark without any problems. The water content here – as with the wood chip boilers – must also be kept in mind and should not exceed 20%.

Piece wood achieves a long burning time and can further increase its efficiency by combining it with a buffer tank.

The fuel wood is usually sold by local suppliers. This also guarantees short transport distances. Simply inquire at the respective chamber of agriculture or the district chamber of farmers.

TIP: When replacing your heating system, you can install a new high-efficiency pump. This will save you up to 70% in electricity.

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