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How easy is the switch from heating with oil to heating with pellets?

In times of energy transition, people are thinking about how to improve their ecological footprint. In this context, environmentally friendly and CO₂-neutral heating with pellets is very much in vogue. In this report, we show you how easy it is to convert your old oil heating system to a new pellet heating system, what you need to bear in mind and what costs you may incur.

The way to an environmentally friendly pellet heating system

Many oil heating systems are simply outdated and no longer up to date. Right much more than soot and dirt, which develop with the burn, is not left from the former shine of the “black gold”. But what now? Which heating system should I install? Which system suits my house and my needs? These are questions that every heating renovator should address as a first step before making the switch.

Overview of our pellet boilers

Here are some tips on what to consider when converting an oil heating system to pellets:

Find the right heating system for you
Every building has its own requirements. Which heating system is most suitable depends on various factors, such as the condition of the building, the insulation, the radiator or underfloor heating, the area to be heated, the condition of the chimney, etc.

Obtain information and get advice
As a first step, let one of our professional sales representatives advise you on finding the right pellet heating system for your needs. We will be happy to put you in touch with a regional installer or heating contractor who will take care of dismantling the old oil heating system, disposing of the oil tanks and installing the new biomass heating system.

The right heating and storage room

In the renovation area, there is usually a boiler room from the old oil heating system, which is ideal for the installation of the pellet heating system. As a storage room can be used with pleasure the oil storage room or also another smaller cellar room. If you decide to install a pellet heating system from our Nano-PK series, you can also install it in the living room, since a separate boiler room is no longer required here.

In the storage room itself, there are a variety of options, which discharge system can be used.

Filling the storage room

As with oil heating, a silo truck is driven to the building, which then pumps the pellets into the storage room with a hose. The distance from the truck to the storage room can be up to 35 meters.

With your new fuel you heat environmentally friendly, CO₂-neutral and inexpensive. On average, the cost of heating with pellets has been 44% lower than heating oil over the last 10 years.

Here’s a tip for the end:
It is best to order your pellets in spring, as the small power packages are cheapest here!


What are the costs of converting oil heating to pellets?

Here, too, it is difficult to define a fixed value. The amount of the conversion costs when replacing the oil heating system with a new pellet heating system depends, among other things, on the selected heating system, on the necessary accessories as well as on the effort required for the conversion.

However, to give you a ballpark figure, the cost can be placed roughly in the low 5-figure range for a retrofit.

Are you thinking about switching to an efficient and environmentally friendly biomass heating system?


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