Pellet & wood chip heating container

Mobile tent heating
at the Kulm

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Gesamt-Heizsystem Power-Box | Hargassner

Hargassner Power-Box heating container

Sustainable heating
at the Kulm

In the video you will experience spectacular impressions of the installation

and learn interesting details about the mobile biomass heating containers,

the so-called power boxes.

Tents at large events are mostly heated with mobile oil systems, which neither benefit the environment nor regional businesses. For this reason, head of the organising committee Christoph Prüller initiated the project “Sustainable heating at the Kulm” in cooperation with Hargassner. With eight heating containers – so-called power boxes, equipped with boilers of the ECO HK series for wood chips and ECO PK series for pellets, which each achieve between 120 and 220 kW heat output, a total of seven tents with a total area of 2,275 m² or 9,087.5 m³ were heated.


In the past, more than 30,000 litres of fuel oil were consumed for the 300,000 kWh required, which this time was covered by climate-neutral biomass fuels in the form of wood chips and pellets. In this way it was possible to save a total of 87 tonnes of CO2. The cooperation with the Sturmberger company and Biowärme Bad Mitterndorf also made it possible to anchor the economic added value of this major sporting event in the region. In addition, 30 % of the heating costs could be reduced by means of heat recovery.

Discover mobile heating containers from Hargassner
  • Portable & quickly ready for use
  • Powerful heating & drying
  • High efficiency with minimum consumption
  • Output from 70 – 220 kW
  • Remote monitoring possible with the app
  • Frost-proof at up to -20°C
  • Compact design, fully wired and ready to connect
  • Filling in container or silo
  • Warm-air flow is decoupled from the firing system
  • Dual use: system can also be used as a water-led system
  • Capacity meter for billing