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A family business with tradition and heart.

Nature is our lifeline.

Without a healthy environment, there can be no healthy life. That is why, since the company was founded in 1984, we have been at the forefront of environmentally friendly heating with renewable energy. This pioneering spirit is still with us today, because we have set ourselves the goal of being and remaining the best when it comes to biological and sustainable heating. For the sake of the environment and future generations.

For the sake of our environment

Hargassner has pioneered eco-friendly heating systems since the company was established in 1984. This pioneering spirit remains unabated and our aim to be on top still persists to this day.

We are proud of 40 years of experience and of thousands of satisfied clients. Customer satisfaction combined with environmental friendliness are primary goals of our philosophy and are the main attributes, which determine a successful path into the company’s future.

The Hargassner brand

Lowest emissions by highest efficiency, maximum comfort and long lifetime characterise the brand Hargassner. Yet, we do not hesitate to scrutinise proven elements of our products to launch better products tomorrow. The emphasis on research and quality management is our modern understanding of tradition.

Our vision is harmony between satisfied customers and the environment.

Interesting facts

  • We manufacture state-of-the-art pellet, wood chip and wood log boilers in a wide range of outputs on a 41,000 m² site and have installed more than 185,000 systems for satisfied customers.
  • Sales are carried out in Austria and Bavaria with our own field staff via the installer to the end customer.
  • Exports are handled by branches and general agencies in the individual countries. Exports already account for more than 75 % of turnover and are constantly increasing. We now have more than 1,100 qualified employees. And the trend is rising!