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"I'm going to build you a boiler that you'll never have to fill again."

It was one of the most important and momentous promises Anton Hargassner ever made. Back in 1983, he promised his wife a more comfortable home. As the son of a farmer with a large forestry operation, he had worked with wood a lot and had learned to appreciate it as a valuable raw material – so another fuel was out of the question.

However, Anton Hargassner found the heating technology available at the time completely unsatisfactory: the constant ‘refilling’ of the stove was a tiresome and dirty chore, the combustion technology was at a ‘stone age’ level, there was simply no comfort. So there was only one thing to do: build it ourselves!


Celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Hargassner your expert for sustainable heating

We have been providing cosy warmth for four decades and would like to celebrate this significant milestone together with you. Numerous exciting surprises await you in 2024, stay tuned.

Hargassner is a family-run family business in the second generation. From Anton Sr. and Elisabeth Hargassner to their offspring Anton and Markus Hargassner – we are proud to be able to continue this tradition.

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Groundbreaking ceremony Hargassner Service Center

On the 16th of June 2023, the official groundbreaking ceremony for this new large-scale project took place at the headquarters of Hargassner Heiztechnik in Weng with (among others) LH Mag. Thomas Stelzer, BH Mag. Gerald Kronberger and BM Gerhard Wiesner.

Quick facts & data:

  • 32,000 m² gross floor area
  • The largest wooden multi-storey garage in Central Europe:
    13,500 m² of solid wood for 500 parking spaces
  • 6,750 m² of office spaces made of wood over three storeys
  • 500 m² apprentice workshop with its own training rooms
  • Rental space for start-ups
  • Planned completion: Autumn 2024
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