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Hargassner Sports Sponsorships

The fire blazes in our eyes. Not only because we build sustainable biomass heating systems, but also because we are passionate sports fans. While it was once Anton Hargassner Sr. himself who daringly threw himself off the ski jump beam when he was young, he later kindled the fire for sport in Anton Jr. and Markus Hargassner as well. This passion still burns in the Hargassner family today, and so the values of sport also actively shape the Hargassner corporate culture. The Hargassner Sport Family unites this enthusiasm for sport, from the young to the professionals, and shares it with the international fan community.

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Hargassner & the Ski Jump Family

Dynamism, team spirit, closeness to nature, family and success are values that we stand for as the Hargassner heating technology of the future. Due to our enthusiasm for sport, we have been looking for clubs, associations and testimonials in recent years that stand for these keywords and additionally inspire our corporate values together with the Hargassner Sport Family.

These values in particular are associated with the athletes of the Austria Ski Jumping Team. Since September 2018, we as Hargassner have been the official and proud partner of the ÖSV Ski Jumping Team, as well as head sponsor of the most successful Austrian jumper – Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. A no less well-known ski jumper, who has been part of the sports family since June 2019, is Philipp Aschenwald.

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Hargassner & the alpine ski sport

With our involvement in alpine skiing, we not only support another traditional Austrian sport, but also give our Hargassner biomass heating technology of the future national and international recognition in an authentic environment.

As passionate winter sports fans, we are not only interested in professional skiing, but also in supporting young talent. That’s why we also support Jonas Gerner, an up-and-coming talent from the region, and accompany him on his way to success.

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