Efficient and sustainable heating

Versatile heating systems for public buildings

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Sustainable heating in public buildings

From significantly higher power requirements to complex structural conditions, for example in old buildings: Most public buildings require heating systems that excel not only in terms of performance and sustainability, but also with a high degree of versatility. Characteristics that apply to all biomass heating systems from Hargassner.

Advantages when heating with wood chips Advantages when heating with pellets Advantages when heating with wood logs
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Wood Log Boiler

wood log gasifier technology

Hargassner wood log boiler combine first-class efficiency with the lowest emission values.

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner
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Wood Chip Boiler

Innovative and affordable
heating with wood chips

Modern wood chip heating systems from Hargassner combine comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner

Water storages

Buffer and boiler system products by Hargassner

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Speichersysteme - Hargassner
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