High performance boilers

Heating systems for trade & industry

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Advanced and powerful heating

Our special industrial heating systems are designed for the increased energy demand of commercial and industrial companies. Thus, the high-performance biomass heating systems from Hargassner always ensure an optimal heat supply, whether in continuous operation or with changing power requirements, e.g.: in seasonal operation.

Advantages when heating with wood chips Advantages when heating with wood logs
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Wood Chip Boiler

Innovative and affordable
heating with wood chips

Modern wood chip heating systems from Hargassner combine comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner
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Pellet Boiler

Pellet boilers for
every requirement

Hargassner pellet boiler are enormously energy-saving, powerful and versatile - for every need.

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Nano-PK 6–15 Pelletheizung Hargassner
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Industrial Boiler

Highest efficiency for
industry & trade

Sustainable solution for industrial heating needs.

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Industrieheizung Magno-SR Front ohne Anbauteile

Heating modules -
Practical, affordable & versatile

With Eco-Box, Heating module & Powerbox
you can heat flexible and everywhere.

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    Designed for high performance use

    The Hargassner heating modules are also interesting for companies. An effective solution for those who cannot have the boiler room and/or storage for fuel in the building - for example due to lack of space. Individually adaptable to the conditions on site, external container solutions as single or double-decker variants offer sufficient space for heating and storage of the fuel.

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