Pellets: a CO2-neutral fuel

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Biomass heating

Environmentally friendly wood pellet heating

Heating with pellets is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly, cheap and efficient, thanks to their excellent energy and fuel values. Pellets are also much easier to store than, for example, wood logs or wood chips.

Our innovative pellet boilers provide CO₂-neutral heating for any home – much cheaper than oil or gas. The many benefits of pellet boilers make them one of the most popular biomass heating options.

About the advantages

Major advantages at a glance:

When using pellets:

  • Crisis-proof: local fuel
  • Short transport routes
  • Easy storage: either in pellet bags or in pellet trucks
  • Dust-free and odourless refilling
  • Little space required for storage
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly pellet boilers

Pellets are the best form of heating compared to fossil fuels or electricity/heat pumps.

Quality Standards

Pellets are standardised according to ÖNORM M 7135 or EN 17225-2.

Specification ÖNorm M7135 EN 17225-2  Class A1
Heating Value 18 MJ/kg = 5 kWh/kg 16,5 < 0 < 19 MJ/kg = 5 kWh/kg
Weight 650 kg/m³ > 650 kg / m³
Diameter 6 mm < 6 + – 1,0 mm
Length 5 – 40 mm 3,15 < L < 40 mm (99 %), L < 45 mm (1 %)
Water Content w < 10 % w < 10 %
Dust Content < 1 % < 1 %
Ash Content < 0,5 % < 0,7 %

Energydemand for production: Approx. 2,7% of energy-content

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Pellet boilers for
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Hargassner pellet boiler are enormously energy-saving, powerful and versatile - for every need.

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Storage Systems

Hargassner offers the right storage system for every customer.

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Pellet heating references

Reference customers of boiler producer Hargassner in Austria.

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