Refilling systems
for wood chip boilers

Wood chip Refuelling Systems

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Hargassner Refuelling Systems

Horizontal and vertical solutions

With Hargassner refuelling systems for wood chips, difficult accessible rooms can be easily refilled. 

The refilling system consists of a filling trough, which is filled with the wood chips by means of a tipper or truck. The wood chips are transported to the ejector by an auger and then evenly distributed in the storage room. No matter whether this room is in the cellar, sunk into the ground, on the 1st floor or in the outbuilding: Thanks to the different filling systems with horizontal auger or variable inclination, the storage rooms can always be filled quickly and easily – even if they are difficult to access.

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Hargassner provides a wide variety of refuelling systems & filling augers for wood chips

Refuelling Systems
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Hargassner wood chip refuelling systems

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Refuelling systems

Inside ejector

Make maximum use of the storage room volume

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Hackgutbefuellsystem mit innenliegendem Auswerfer | Hargassner

Refuelling systems

Outside ejector

For filling through windows or wall openings

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