Heat your home efficiently

Boiler for the private heating

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We heat your home efficiently.

Whether you heat with Pellets, Woodchips or Wood logs. Our range has something for everyone, whether you are building a new home, renovating or replacing a boiler. Biomass Heating Systems are environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral, cost effective and in many countries are supported by the government.

Advantages of heating with pellets Advantages of heating with wood chips Advantages of heating with wood logs
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Pellet Boiler

Pellet boilers for
every requirement

Hargassner pellet boiler are enormously energy-saving, powerful and versatile - for every need.

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Nano-PK 6–15 Pelletheizung Hargassner
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Wood Log Boiler

wood log gasifier technology

Hargassner wood log boiler combine first-class efficiency with the lowest emission values.

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner

Combi Boiler

Combines the best of
wood logs and pellets

Unique comfort and maximum efficiency with
two separate heating systems.

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