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Sustainable heating systems for the hotel & restaurant ­sector

The trend towards sustainability has now also arrived in the tourism and restaurant sector. Hargassner biomass heating systems make hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments fit for the future. Whether pellet-, wood chip- or wood log boilers – the heating systems from Hargassner are not only extremely environmentally friendly, but can also be flexibly adapted to the individual performance requirements of the businesses.

Advantages of heating with pellets Advantages of heating with wood chips Advantages of heating with wood logs
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Wood Log Boiler

wood log gasifier technology

Hargassner wood log boiler combine first-class efficiency with the lowest emission values.

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Neo-HV 20-60 Hargassner
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Wood Chip Boiler

Innovative and affordable
heating with wood chips

Modern wood chip heating systems from Hargassner combine comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

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Eco-HK 20-60 Hargassner

Water storages

Buffer and boiler system products by Hargassner

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Speichersysteme - Hargassner

Wood chip refuelling system

With the new developed vertical refuelling systems for wood chips, difficult accessible rooms can be easily refilled.

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Hargassner Hackgutlagerbefüllung mit innenliegendem Auswerfer

    Conversion to sustainable heating systems in hotels and restaurants

    Resource-draining gas and oil heating systems are becoming obsolete. The need for environmentally friendly alternatives is all the greater. That is why converting conventional types of heating to biomass heating systems is currently on the rise.

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