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Winter sports are our passion!

Hargassner Sport Sponsoring FIL

The sponsoring of winter sports already has a long tradition in the Hargassner company and has been extended to include the international FIL luge family. The beginning of a new, professional and family partnership, which further intensifies the long tradition of winter sports at Hargassner.

Hargassner and the sport of luge

The closeness to nature, the absolute precision in choosing the right line and the dynamics of the sport are elements that not only connect the sport of luge and the Hargassner company, but also drive it forward.

Hargassner biomass heating systems are environmentally friendly, CO₂ -neutral and ensure – especially in winter – a pleasant climate of well-being within your own four walls. A climate that can be transported into the homes of TV viewers, especially through winter sports such as luge.

Comments on the FIL Luge World Cup Sponsorship

“The strategic sports sponsorship, is an important building block in our marketing mix and not only strengthens our awareness as a brand at home and abroad, but also supports our dealers and partners in the market with the additional increase in reach,” says Owner & Managing Director Anton Hargassner jr.


The international appearance of the FIL Luge World Cup Series gives a broad audience access to winter sports on TV and will thus also increase the awareness of the Hargassner brand. By broadcasting the sport in a wide variety of countries, such as China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Latvia, the cooperation partner reaches a new spectrum of potential interested parties and customers.

“Our sponsoring partners are not only “partners” for us on paper! We integrate them into the Hargassner family and are happy about the mutual support and joint development. Learning from each other and successfully achieving goals together is what connects Hargassner and the female luge athletes. Our biomass heating systems contain know-how from almost four decades. Nevertheless, just like the top athletes in winter sports, we are always striving to improve and make good things even better in order to emerge victorious from a challenge in the end,” says owner & managing director Markus Hargassner.