Combi boiler

Gas out biomass in, for a residential building

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Kombiheizung Stückholz Smart und Pellets Nano | Hargassner


In the picturesque Mostviertel region, a residential building with five residential units has been successfully converted to an innovative heating solution. The 400 square metre building was previously heated with a gas heating system that consumed 50,000 kW. Now they are using the efficient Smart-HV 23 kW & Nano-PK 25 kW combination heating system. The changeover not only brings savings, but also a sustainable energy supply. Two accumulator tanks, each with a capacity of 500 litres, and a solar buffer tank of the same size ensure a constant heat supply. In addition, a GWT-MAX 250×250, a bag silo for pellet storage, optimises efficiency. A room discharge unit transports the pellets efficiently into the boiler.

This advanced dual solution not only ensures a reliable heat supply for residents, but also makes an active contribution to environmental protection. The combination of log and pellet boilers makes the building independent of individual fuel sources, increases the security of supply and enables flexible utilisation depending on availability and costs.