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Winter sports are our passion!

Hargassner sponsoring nordic

Ski jumping has been a tradition in the Hargassner family for a very long time. Anton Hargassner Senior, once a courageous ski jumper himself, has never lost this passion and has been an enthusiastic ski jumping fan ever since. It is only natural that we also live the values of the sport in our company. Team spirit, cohesion and the pursuit of perfection unite these two worlds and allow product development and skiing enthusiasm to merge.

Whether as a partner of the ÖSV ski jumping team or as a sponsor of the Goldi Talent Cup, winter sports is and remains a matter close to our hearts.

Why sports sponsorships?

Passion for technology

We regularly welcome our own testimonials, the ski jumping heroes of the ÖSV (Austrian Skiing Association) and young talent to our company and are always amazed at how similar the development of technology is in winter sports and in the field of product development.

Markus Hargassner and Philipp Aschenwald take you behind the scenes at Hargassner and give you an insight into one of the most modern production lines for biomass heating technology in Europe.

Discover Hargassner's biomass heating systems

But why sports sponsorships?

On the one hand, sponsoring is important for us in terms of increasing brand awareness, but it also conveys much more within the company.

Athletes are role models, especially when it comes to ambition, diligence, determination and motivation. You can feel this and it also inspires our employees.

When they are our guests, this fire in their eyes usually spreads to our employees.

If you are curious and want to see more of our filming days with our ÖSV athletes, then take a look at our YouTube channel.

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