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Wood chip refuelling systems

Inside ejector

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Vertical refuelling system

With ejector inside

The internal Hargassner refuelling system, vertical for wood chips, enables maximum use to be made of storage space situations.

The internal ejector is used for filling storage rooms on upper floors or rooms without corresponding access. A vertical auger inside the storage room transports the wood chips upwards. The filling system’s ejector ensures very low dust distribution. The storage space volume can thus be optimally utilised. The adjustable inside ejector guarantees the best wood chip distribution thanks to its throwing range of 4-5 m (depending on the nature of the material).

Befenfits vertical filling system

Conventional filling

Ordinary filling of wood chip storage rooms has the disadvantage that, depending on the structural conditions, the utilisation of the storage area is limited. Dust and dirt are also an annoying companion.

Vertical wood chip filling system from Hargassner