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Heat pump hybrid heating

Hargassner air to water heat pumps deliver perfect heating in solo operation. However, they can also be combined intelligently with other heating sources, such as biomass heating systems. This results in hybrid functions with synergies and benefits that fulfil very high requirements for reliability and independence in the face of fluctuating energy prices. A heat pump hybrid system automatically switches to the most appropriate heating system at any given time.

There is the right solution for every customer request and the most diverse requirement profiles.


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Efficiency & flexibility

  • Perfectly combinable with biomass and other renewable energies – even with third-party heating sources.
  • More flexibility and efficiency through the intelligent use of different heating sources.
  • Independent of fluctuating energy prices
  • NEW – Intelligent weather function
    Based on energy prices and online weather data, it is automatically decided which heat generator goes into operation.

High-efficiency heat pump hybrid systems

Our Airflow-M air to water monobloc heat pump can be perfectly combined with Hargassner biomass boilers. Thanks to this synergy, you benefit from a hybrid heating system that optimally utilizes the advantages of both worlds. While the heat pump works effectively during the transition period and on mild winter days, the biomass boiler supports extreme outdoor temperatures and guarantees consistently comfortable heat. The heat pump takes over control of the entire system and decides which heat generator is the most efficient and cost-effective at the moment.

Through the fully automatic interaction, the efficiency and service life of both units are maximised, and the heating costs are simultaneously reduced to a minimum. This guarantees maximum savings and independence – especially in times of strongly fluctuating energy prices. In order to have the right solution ready for the most diverse requirements and demands, four combinations are available.