The world of our heat pumps

Air to water heat pump

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Airflow-M 5-20 Monobloc Wärmepumpe Außenmodule Parade | Hargassner

Heat pump with a wide performance range

Compact, modern, and quiet: that's the new Hargassner air to water heat pump in a nutshell. Its highly efficient performance factors and sophisticated control system speak for themselves.

With the help of the intelligent hybrid function, it can also be perfectly combined with our biomass heating systems. This is how contemporary and economical heating and cooling works in both detached houses and multi-dwelling units.


Heat Pump

Airflow-M BASIC

For easy control of your heating system

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Airflow-M BASIC 9-12 Monoblock Wärmepumpe | Hargassner

Heat Pump

Airflow-M STYLE

The wall-mounted hydraulic unit

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Airflow-M STYLE 9-12 Monoblock Wärmepumpe | Hargassner