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Austrian Ecolabel

Hargassner secures the Austrian eco-label for wood-fired heating systems

For the second time after 2011, Hargassner GmbH was able to secure the Austrian eco-label for wood heating systems (UZ 37). The pellet heaters & log boilers, as well as the combined systems – in operation with pellets or logs – bear the seal of quality until 2023.

In 1990, the eco-label was launched on the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment. The most important Austrian environmental seal is awarded in the category ‘Products and Services’, among others.

The seal of approval is awarded exclusively to companies whose products meet a wide range of environmental criteria, as well as the high requirements for quality and durability. In this specific case, it means compliance with strict values:

  • For CO₂ emissions
  • For nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Dust emissions

The eco-label is awarded – after thorough examination by the state – by the BMK (Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology).

In addition to this award, Hargassner GmbH has also been able to secure many other prizes for its products in various countries over the past decades.