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Biomass – the perfect choice for climate protection


For some time now, no stone has been left unturned. The media presents us with new fears every day. People don’t know, whether pandemic, war, climate change or the next winter are the greater threats.
Representatives of the people and also EU institutions tend to make one-sided statements, populist actionism, and in the rush to pass laws and directives, that have not been thought through – especially on the topic of „climate protection“. Incorrect and inadequate information aggravates these fears and enables wrong decisions.
Therefore, we offer you answers to some burning questions on the topic of „Sustainable heating with biomass“ below.


Hargassner is 100% committed to sustainable and sensible forest management within the scope of its possibilities – aware of its own responsibility for the future of our environment, our customers, employees, business partners, our company and for the children of the next generations.

Our vision is to support the energy transition with our heating technology, as an important component for the sustainable use of biomass.

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What is Red III?

Red III is a guideline of the European Commission for the use of renewable energies, which also concerns wood.

In order to protect forests throughout Europe from future overexploitation, the simplified idea of Red III is that only as much wood energy may be subsidized by the state as was removed from the forest on average per country in the last five years.

This makes sense in countries where forests are being cut without rules. However, in countries where strict national forestry laws have controlled logging for generations – such as in Austria and Germany – it creates uncertainty and hinders the sensible expansion of sustainable energy from biomass and, ultimately, climate protection.

Top 10 most asked questions by our customers

Choosing the right path

What is the future of biomass?

This is determined by the consumers when they choose sustainable biomass heating systems such as modern, automatic wood-fired central heating systems.

In doing so, they move demand away from nuclear and fossil fuels and strengthen sustainable sources.

It is not a matter of “either or”, but rather…
…it’s a necessity to use ALL sustainable energy sources
from biomass to solar – to offer people a future.

Why should I use wood for heating?

Wood is among the most important domestic renewable energy sources and already replaces millions of tons of fossil CO₂.

For example, in 2019, wood fuels provided an emissions avoidance of 8.6 million tons of CO₂ in Austria alone. (2) The convenience fuel “pellets” uses wood residues. In comparison, the primary energy requirement for the production of pellets or wood chips is 2.7% in relation to the heating value. By comparison, it is 12 % for heating oil and 10 % for natural gas.

Modern boilers achieve the highest efficiencies and operate so cleanly that they again easily fall short of the strict air pollution control regulations.

(2) Source: Bioenergy. Basic data 2021. Austria. Biomass Association. P. 11,Modern boilers achieve the highest efficiencies and operate so cleanly that they again easily fall short of the strict air pollution control regulations.