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Hargassner Stand Welcomes Austria’s Chancellor

Austrian Chancellor Nehammer at the Hargassner trade show stand

This year, top political figures met in the Hargassner trade show stand at the Rieder trade show, which encompasses around 14 hectares. The Austrian event, which combines the international agricultural fair, the Austro Tier, a folk festival and the Rieder Autumn Fair, was ceremoniously opened this year by the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and used the opportunity to make a spontaneous visit to the Hargassner booth.

(Persons from left to right: Members of the Regional Council Günther Lengauer and Klaus Mühlbacher, Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Markus Hargassner, Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig, Member of the National Council and Mayor of Tarsdorf Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Holzner, Chancellor Karl Nehammer, National Councillor August Wöginger, Anton Hargassner jun., Regional Councillor Michaela Langer-Weninger).


Hargassner exhibition at the Rieder Messe. Attended by high-ranking politicians

Upper Austria has been a world leader in the biomass sector for decades. The trade show in Ried has long since established itself as an ideal hotspot for the presentation of ecological heating with biomass. Even more so this year, as the Austrian Chancellor visited the 150-square-metre Hargassner exhibition area in the open-air grounds together with other political greats such as Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer, the Mayor of Ried Bernhard Zwielehner, Regional Councillor Michaela Langer-Weninger, National Councillor August-Wöginger and Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig.

The challenge of energy transition

With the Hargassner directors present, the brothers Markus and Anton Hargassner, the talks immediately turned to the energy transition. Chancellor Nehammer was particularly interested in discussing and exploring the possibilities and opportunities with the leader in the field of biomass heating systems.

Details of the planned EEC – Renewable Heat Act – were also discussed. Markus Hargassner confirmed the importance of this law because it would give customers planning security. It would also accelerate the achievement of the necessary climate targets. Brother Anton Hargassner jun. confirmed to the Chancellor that there was enough wood in Austria to implement the set goals.

We are present at the important trade shows in Austria to take advantage of precisely such opportunities and to raise awareness for environmentally friendly heating. We can do this best in dialogue with the people. For Upper Austria’s climate goals, ninety percent of energy from renewable sources is needed as early as 2030. Biomass will be one of the central pillars on this path, along with solar energy and wind.

Markus & Anton Hargassner , Managing Directors of Hargassner Ges mbH

Sustainable premium investment

For the Hargassner management, it was a quick reunion with Governor Stelzer. Only last summer, he had broken ground for a new sustainable Hargassner project at the headquarters of the Austrian biomass pioneers. This marked the official start of the company’s extension by 32,000 m2 of gross floor space in the most sustainable construction method possible.

Particularly noteworthy is the first multi-storey car park in Austria to be built entirely of solid wood. The capacity includes almost 500 (!) parking spaces as well as electric charging stations for thirty vehicles. Thanks to the wood and the reduction of CO2-intensive steel and concrete, CO2 is stored and saved in the long term. The wood can also be reused in the distant future.

Most of the new buildings will go into full operation in the second half of 2024 – in time for the fortieth anniversary. Possibly then again in the presence of the local political leaders.

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