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Wood log boilers for more comfort

Powerful and efficient carburetor technology

Proven combustion control thanks to lambda probe, robust high-performance combustion chamber, convenient control by means of touch display and much more: The unit heaters, in the power range of 20 – 60 kW from Hargassner literally play all the pieces. The sophisticated wood gasification technology also ensures first-class efficiency and the lowest emission values – even with larger logs.

Hargassner’s Neo-HV log boiler impresses with its extremely professional and modern boiler technology. Equipped with new technical features such as an automatic ignition system, an automatic boiler cleaning device and a modern control system.

The Hargassner log boiler thus achieves a very high level of user-friendliness, comfort and time savings among log boilers on the European market. It is ideally suited for single-family homes, apartment buildings, or even in the agricultural sector in the output range from 20 to 60 kW. Every Hargassner log boiler can be extended with a pellet combi-module immediately or at a later date.

Neo-HV log boilers are also available in the premium version. This features a stainless steel filling chamber, automatic ceramic ignition, filling chamber lighting and a comfort ash pan.

Your choice: one-meter or half-meter head

Through many years of experience with biomass heating technology, Hargassner achieves a know-how advantage. The new Neo-MHV half- and one-meter log heating system (30-45 kW) is a true miracle of space despite its large filling space. This makes it possible to heat even small boiler rooms with one-meter logs. This new technology makes it possible to realize small outputs despite the use of one-meter failures. The Neo-MHV is ideal for customers who want to heat half-meter logs with an enormously large filling space or one-meter logs.

The compact Smart line

Hargassner NEO-HV log boilers are also extended by the Smart line. The Smart-HV shines with its compact size, perfect price-performance ratio and optimum functionality, with the usual Hargassner comfort. It is available in the power range from 17 to 23 kW. The optimal filling chamber size of 102 liters for half-meter logs with a maximum length of 535 mm and the perfect Hargassner wood gasification technology are convincing arguments. A new Smart-Touch display guarantees the simplest operation. One finds this log boiler mainly in single-family houses or small residential units.

Combi boiler - the best of logs and pellets combined

Not to be forgotten is the use of the Smart-HV as a combination module with the Smart-PK pellet boiler or in combination with other energy sources.

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