Pellets Storage Systems

Under­ground tank

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Underground tank for pellets

Hargassner pellet underground tanks (PET) are ready-made spherical storage rooms for underground use.

By simply sinking them into the garden or driveway, they create open spaces in the house for life.

Space-saving underground storage for pellets

The corrosion-resistant and glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin requires no further reinforcement and ensures maximum operational reliability. From above, you can only see a discreet cover. This can be walked on and (optionally) driven over. The special system enables easy extraction of the pellets and almost complete utilisation of the spherical volume. Underground tanks eliminate a pellet storage problem, making them the optimal solution for buildings with little or no space for a storage room. This saves conversion costs.

Earth ball from Hargassner

The extraction system – specially developed for Hargassner earth balls – consists of a base body with all the necessary connections: Storz-A couplings for filling and connections for suction and return air hoses. The extraction system, which is perfectly matched to the pellet earth balls, ensures problem-free extraction of the pellets and enables almost complete utilisation of the entire ball volume.

Steel suction tube system

Expert tip on pellet underground tanks

We recommend to install steel pipe systems instead of a suction hose for pellet boiler systems from 130 kW. The high suction force and speed with which pellets are sucked through the hose can damage the hose under certain circumstances. By using steel pipes, you can avoid this phenomenon and thus ensure trouble-free and repair-free suction of the pellets. Furthermore, this also increases the distance of the suction length between the underground tank and the boiler room by 10 m to a maximum of 30 m.

Technical data

Suitable for ALL Hargassner pellet boilers

Type 8m³ 10m³
Volume t 5,2 6,5
Diameter mm 2.500 2.680
Weight kg 280 330
Diameter (min.) m 3,5 3,75
Height (min.) m 3,6 3,85
Filling material 19 22
Extraction system Suitable for all types
Advantages Reliable, 100% discharge to the last pellet