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Pellets weekly storage

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Pellet storage systems

Small pellet storages for indoor use

For indoor use, Hargassner offers different solutions for small pellet storage systems – the so-called weekly storages.

Pellet heating systems from 6 – 32 kW can also be filled using a weekly storage hopper. The standard weekly storage has an optimal filling height and a large filling space, therefore, it is very convenient to fill with bags. The second weekly storage is specially developed for the combination with the Nano–PK pellet boiler and impresses with its tall, narrow design. Both containers are made of robust sheet steel and are equipped with a point extraction system and a cover.

Weekly storage

  • 770 l filling volume
  • 550 kg pellet capacity
  • dimensions: 770 x 1.150 x 1,190 mm
  • for filling with bags

Nano-PK weekly storage

  • 340 l filling volume
  • 220 kg pellet capacity
  • dimensions: 580 x 580 x 1,220 mm

Technichal Data

Type Filling weight Width Depth Height
Weekly storage 500 kg 770 1150 1,090
Nano–PK weekly storage 220 kg 580 580 1,220