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Hargassner APP control system

App for mobile heating control
Access and control your boiler from anywhere and at any time

Maximum operating convenience for your biomass heating system from Hargassner

The free software brings numerous operating options in mobile control, monitoring and overview of your Hargassner boiler.
Important messages can be sent to the smartphone via push message. Using the web app option, you can also access your heating data via any web browser.

At the same time, the app can be integrated into various common home automation systems.

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Mobile control, monitoring and overview

Hargassner APP and WEB-APP - the mobile remote control

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Hargassner App – Android

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Smartphone & Tablet

Smartphone & Tablet

This is how the new app from Hargassner presents itself. With an interface perfectly tailored to customer needs, it is secure, simple and above all self-explanatory. You can now access your heating system from anywhere in the world.

Important information is immediately transmitted to your mobile device via push message or e-mail. This means you know the status of your heating system at all times.



In addition to quick and easy access via smartphone or tablet, we now also offer you the option of accessing your heating system via your web browser.

On you can easily log in with your existing user name and password. This application allows you even more extensive setting options and you receive additional information such as long-term diagram views.

Videos & PDFs

Videos for easy explanation of:

Videos zur einfachen Erklärung von:

The excellent APP for your Hargassner heating system

SMART-HOME Solutions

2) Loxone

Loxone Smart Home

Loxone Smart Home

Integrate your Hargassner solid fuel heating into your Loxone Smart Home for on-demand boiler control based on Loxone individual room control.

Loxone allows configuration and control each individual room according to your needs.

More about Loxone
Intelligent home automation
  • Targeted boiler control based on room demand
  • Loxone miniserver takes over the heat management in the house
  • Heating system acts as a controlled heat provider
  • Fault notification by e-mail or call
Status check
  • Status of the heating circuit pumps, various boiler values, buffer, boiler, flow temperature
  • Fault notification by e-mail or phone call
  • Boiler condition
  • Boiler malfunction with fault number
  • All relevant temperatures
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3) Mod-Bus TCP

The interface

ModB-us TCP

With a Mod-Bus interface, you can connect your heating to a building management system and/or a visualisation system.

Configuration and monitoring of the heating system
  • Heating times
  • Heating temperatures
  • Heating circuit status (Auto, Sun, Moon, etc.)
  • Hot water tank temperature
Status request
  • Boiler condition
  • Boiler malfunction with fault number
  • All relevant temperature
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4) KNX / EIB

The interface


Connection to a KNX home automation system. Interface between boiler (LAN)